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I’m excited to share with you the official date of the Book Launch Event for The Girl Who Carried Too Much Stuff.  It will be held on Sunday, November 1st at Over The Moon bookstore – 5798 Three Notched Rd, Crozet, VA. 22932

Below is a copy of Over The Moon’s recent event calendar that lists myself and two other authors who will be holding events there.  I’d love for you all to make it if you can.

Exciting times! Again, we are nearing completion of the book and you’ll all have your copies very soon.

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(The following is an event flier sent by Over The Moon bookstore…check it out)

Talent X 3!

Three fabulous authors will be with us this month. Take a look . . .

Sunday, October 25, 3pm.Mary E. Lyons, author of The Virginia Blue Ridge Railroad.* Last year, we were lucky enough to host Mary E. Lyons for a discussion of her fascinating book, The Blue Ridge Tunnel: a Remarkable Engineering Feat in Antebellum Virginia. With The Virginia Blue Ridge Railroad, the author uses a wealth of historical documents to describe construction and the workers – many of whom were hired slaves and Irish immigrants – who faced challenges that seemed almost insurmountable.

* Please let us know if you’re planning to attend this event by calling 434-823-1144, or emailing

Sunday, November 1, 3pm. Marc Boston, author of The Girl Who Carried Too Much Stuff.We all know a kid like this.The one who needs the teddy bear… the coloring book… the umbrella… the comb… the zebra purse… there’s no leaving home without all of the ‘necessary’ things. Marc Boston tells the story of just such a girl, and of the lessons learned from having Too Much Stuff. Bring the little ones to hear this wonderful story, and pick up your own signed copy!

Sunday, November 8, 4pm. Carolyn O’Neal, author of Kingsley 14 year old Kingsley is too fat to wear swim trunks and too poor to play golf. But when colony collapse disorder finishes off the bees and moves on to anything with a Y-Chromosome, Kingsley has more to lose than video games and the attention of petroleum heiress Amanda. Kingsley’s mother believes millions of dollars in research can save her son, and she’ll lie, steal and worse to get it. But not everyone mourns the loss of the men, and Kingsley’s adversaries welcome the plague cleansing the earth for womankind. Are an unscrupulous mother’s love and a spirited girl’s affection enough to save the last boy on earth?

Special Order Explosion Not to be fussy, but . . . our special order cabinet is exploding with books that were ordered and never picked up. Since we have to house and pay for the books we order, we ask that you please order only books you are sure you want, and pick up books within a week of notification. If you’ve ordered a book and haven’t heard from us within a week of your order, please call to make sure we haven’t made an error. Thanks!

Rats. I’m sorry to say that Over the Moon did not win the Chase Mission Main Street $100,000. grant. Not for lack of trying! I’m so grateful for all of your support and your votes. Thank you.

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Happy Reading! Anne Over the Moon

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