February 14th: Peabody School, Charlottesville, Virginia

We Had A Great Time At Peabody School

What an amazing time we all had – there’s been so much buzz about your visit.   

Tevin is a joy!  I mean, wow… Sometimes when you meet someone and hear their music your heart leaps up to greet them and that’s how he made me feel today.  He’s a gifted artist and a joyous addition to your program; the teachers were moved and the kids delighted.  He joined the PreK kids in their class and spent some time improvising in music classes with the older kids – I was able to watch that unfold and it was magical!  
We are all so grateful that you both shared your gifts with us today and absolutely look forward to future readings and songs at Peabody School! – Lauren Funk, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Peabody School



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