February 28th: Burnley Moran Elementary, Charlottesville, Virginia

We had a large and fun crowd at Burnley Moran Elementary.

It was such a treat to have Marc here!!!!  The kids really enjoyed him and Mr. Tevin, and their presentation was engaging and fun.

I loved that Marc had a full house who could hear him and listen to him as he read his book – he made it come alive for them!  I read “The Girl Who Carried Too Much Stuff” today as my Friday Read-Aloud for the grade levels who missed out yesterday, and my fourth grade girls in particular *really* enjoyed the book.  We unpacked the bigger message at the end, and they made some really strong connections to the feelings and big ideas in the book.

One girl talked about missing out recently on having a lot of fun at the playground, because she wore the wrong shoes and was too worried about getting them dirty.  She wished she had just gone ahead and gotten the shoes muddy….. we also talked about how we tend to carry around things that weigh us down – worry, sadness, anger, hurt – and when we are able to let go of those feelings, we feel free, just like the girl who carries too much stuff feels when she literally puts aside what she’s carrying.  Really good stuff, good conversation in our group today. Thanks so much Marc, for all of it. –  Anne Etten, Reading Specialist, Burnley Moran Elementary School.

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Wow! Awesome feedback from the teacher on the reading and follow up discussion with the students.

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