Happy Solstice



Today is the Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere. It is the longest day of the year and it is an opportunity to remind us to celebrate the nourishing light of the Sun and the Divine light that is within each of us. 

Our ancestors recognized the power of aligning with the annual phases of the sun by honoring both Equinoxes and Solstices in the monuments they built. For example, in ancient Kemet (Egypt), every important structure had a Divine purpose. The “Sphinx,” which was first named Heru-em-Akhet (Heru on the Horizon) by the original inhabitants of Kemet, represents the perfect blend of art, architecture, esoteric knowledge, and African excellence. It faces the rising sun and is strategically positioned at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Khufu.  Symbolically, the body of the lion represents the animal nature which exists in all humans and the lion characterizes the regal power the Divine Spirit that exists in the lower physical form.  The head of a human symbolizes the intelligence of the mind which must be cultivated in order to elevate the consciousness toward a higher spiritual state.  It is the suppression of the lower animal nature and the refinement of the thought process that leads to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Heru-em-Akhet is strategically placed for the summer solstice when the sun sets between the “pyramids” (Mir), of Khufu and Khafre. The cycle of the Sun represents the cycle of our lives and reflects the natural flow of energy. There’s a time to grow, a time to pause, a time to shed and a time to learn. Summer is a time for nourishment, so celebrate this day and be sure to spend some time feeling the RA(y’s) of the sun and remember to stand fully in the light of your own existence.

Happy Solstice//




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