At Home with the Bostons: Just Play the Dang Violin, Please!

What happens when you have a child who plays an instrument but she doesn’t want to practice? Plus, it’s gotten so bad that she claims to not like the violin anymore!

Somethings got to give.

It’s gotten to the point where I would like to say, “just play the dang instrument, please!”

What’s a dad to do?

Check out this episode of At Home with the Bostons.

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13 Super Effective Ways to Motivate Your Child to Practice Music

  • Treat Music Like a Different Subject.  Music isn’t like Math or English.  First of all, parents, please help your children pick an instrument they like.
  • Put Your Child in Control.  Let your child determine her practice schedule.
  • Help Your Child Understand the Gift of Music.  Show your child that playing an instrument can be a special privilege that can enhance their lives.
  • Don’t Make Practice an Obligation.  Using a fun activity as a reward will have practice time seem like it’s getting in the way of fun.
  • Plan Performances.  Kids need to feel like there is a specific goal in mind.  So, performing live is key.
  • Let Your Child Choose.  Just because you want your child to play an instrument doesn’t mean they want to.  They may be interested in other endeavors.
  • Be Their Cheerleader.  Let your child know you’re her biggest fan.
  • Help Them Engage with Music.  Help your child get curious about music and develop an inner desire to engage with music.
  • Create Challenges.  Rather than telling your child to practice, help her set specific goals and challenges to work on.
  • Celebrate ALL Accomplishments.  While you’ll definitely be proud when you watch your child perform, it’s important to celebrate the little victories along the way.
  • Let Them Play Music They Like.  Your child will lose interest if she doesn’t like the music they’re playing.
  • Make Practice Fun.  No one wants to practice when it’s boring.  Incorporate fun games and activities to spice things up.
  • Find the Right Teacher.  Although practice is done outside of lessons, if your child connects with her teacher, they’re much more likely to practice on their own time.



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