The Monday Barrage: Meditation Retreat – Inner Peace, Outer Fun. Plus, Less Is More w/ Rob Scott

Last weekend we took a trip to Bowling Green, Virginia to attend a weekend long meditation retreat.

When Rachael initially suggested this latest excursion, I instantly wondered if I had the stamina to practice yoga and meditation for a whole weekend.  Rachael and the girls have done this sort of thing before, but I’d be a newbie at attempting to stay-in-the-present-moment for any great length of time.

I mean, meditating for 30-40 minutes a day is one thing, but devoting an entire 48 hours around the clock to mindfulness sounded intense!

Once we reached Sawan Kirpal however, my reservations quickly melted away as I settled in to embark on a journey which left me feeling restful and at peace.  And, guess what? I can’t wait to do it again very soon!


This Week’s Video


I’m always expressing how much I believe that we don’t need a bunch of “stuff” to make us happy.  I even wrote a book about it.
So you know how cool I thought it was to stumble across The Rob Scott Show, and his episode entitled, Less Is More.  If you are down with this concept, I encourage you to check it out!

Episode 13 – Less is More


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Looks like a fun weekend. Love that grove of trees.

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