At Home with the Bostons: What’s On The Menu? – Lentil Soup (Video)

For awhile now I’ve been searching for a word that describes my style of eating, that consists mostly of fruits and vegetables and very little meat.

Hallelujah, I finally found the term!

I am what is known as, drum-roll please…a Flexitarian.

The Flexitarian Diet is a style of eating that encourages mostly plant-based foods while allowing meat and other animal products in moderation.

According to, the Flexitarian Diet is based on the following principles:

  • Eat mostly fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.
  • Focus on protein from plants instead of animals.
  • Be flexible and incorporate meat and animal products from time to time.
  • Eat the least processed, most natural form of foods.
  • Limit added sugar and sweets.

This describes how I choose to eat to a T! I prefer to eat mostly vegetables at home, but if I’m at your house, and all you have is baked chicken – I plan to eat it.

Deciding what to eat (and not to eat) can be hard, and you can learn why in this interesting article on  I would contend that discovering what works best for you is key.  Play around with it until you find the right formula.

Check out our latest At Home With The Bostons: What’s On The Menu? – Lentil Soup

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Thank you Jerrihlyn, I truly appreciate your comment!

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