The Barrage

Hello Everyone,

A barrage is defined as a “vigorous or rapid outpouring or projection of many things at once” – as in, “the receptionist was hit with a barrage of phone calls; or “when she entered the studio, she was hit with a barrage of colors.”

This week, I want to hit you with a barrage of 11 thoughts, and bits of information I’ve pondered and picked up over the previous week.

1. Tax Holiday Weekend

This past weekend we took advantage of the tax free holiday here in Virginia, by taking the 50 minute ride to the Richmond area, and turned it into a weekend getaway by staying overnight.  Just another way we are attempting to make the most of the summer.

2.  Inappropriate Reading

Marley is heading off to middle school next year, and the new school sent the parents a list of mandatory summer and fall readings.  One of the books on the list, (Kira Kira by Cynthia Kadohata) strikes me as inappropriate after reading much of it – especially for our child.  The book contains some mature language and adult themes that leads me to wonder…should some books be off limits to children? For me, the answer is yes! At least until the parent feels that the child is mature enough to deal with the subject matter.  It’s not about banning books, it’s about doing our jobs as parents to filter the information our children consume until they are mature enough to discern for themselves.  What do you think?

3.  You Don’t Need Weights to Build Muscle

This weekend I was doing simple lateral arm raises in the mirror, and after struggling my way to a count of 35, it donned on me that you really don’t need weights to stay toned.

4.  New Term – Neoliberalism

Being a Neoliberal, is a term I came across this week after reading a scathing article written by Dr. Cornel West accusing Ta-Nehisi Coates of being one.  I wasn’t familiar with this idea so I looked it up.  By definition, Neoliberalism, is “a modified form of liberalism that favors free market capitalism.  But this simple description only scratches the surface.  In this article posted on The Guardian, Stephen Metcalf says that neoliberalism strips away the things that make us human.

5.  Our new show – Anne with an E

Anne with an E, on Netflix, is a smart, stylish, and beautifully acted series that we all like to snuggle up and enjoy watching together.  Based on the novel, Anne of Green Gables, the show also sparks some rather interesting family discussions about living an authentic life.

6.  What I’m Reading

A Course in Miracles, is not your typical summertime pleasure read.  This book is about making a lifestyle shift.  I read a passage every morning, and it’s changing my life for the better one paragraph at a time!

7.  Quote of the Week

Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.”

8.  Upcoming Author Visit  on 8/12/2018

I will be making an author visit to Oak Union Baptist church.  I look forward to meeting and greeting as always!


9.  Baltimore Museum of Art has an artist in their midst

Shout out to my sister Andrea Boston, who curates all things social media for the Baltimore Museum of Art.  Follow her (them) on Instagram.

10.  Don’t forget to go over to Youtube and check out the live shenanigans.


11.  Last But Not Least – It’s Barnes and Noble time!

Type in this promo code – F3V9K7K and save up to 20% off your next order at Barnes & Noble 



Weekend Pics


At Target enjoying the tax free holiday

Yet another late night hotel wake up call.

When in Richmond, you gotta hit up Carytown Cupcakes.

Whoops, one didn’t make the pic…yes, it was delicious!

Having fun during our weekend tax free holiday getaway.


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[…] took advantage of the tax free holiday here in Virginia by taking a 50 minute ride to the Richmond area, and turned it into a weekend […]

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