The Monday Barrage – Labor Day Edition

This week’s Monday Barrage celebrates Labor Day with a Trip to Baltimore.

Plus the excitement of Marley’s first volleyball game – getting her prepared to play was a true labor of love. I welcome you to have a look…enjoy!

1. Marley’s First Game

The fun began over the summer when Marley was introduced for the first time to the sport of volleyball through a week long summer camp that taught her the basics of the game.  It would seem that she’s taken to it like a moth to a flame.

Last week, she participated in her first official game! Needless to say Mom and I were very proud of our new middle schooler as she helped her team score a victory.  And as far as how the whole middle school experience is going? So far so good! Stay tuned.

2.  Labor Day – And Black History

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer.  School is starting for some and is already in full swing for others.  This is the last day to wear your white pants and seersucker, and now’s the time to take advantage of all those holiday sales.

But did you know about the black history component associated with the occasion?

Labor Day was founded in the United States in 1894, and it honors the labor movement and the contributions that laborers have made toward the building of this nation.  Too often in this country, laborers have been undervalued compared to owners.  And we already know about how this country benefited greatly from the forced free labor owners squeezed out of the bodies of African slaves.

However, the Pullman Porter strike of 1894 directly contributed to the development of this great day of rest.  Back in the day when most travel was done by train, Pullman Porters were all black workers who served the railroads and its passengers for the Pullman company.  Read more about them and how they contributed to the labor movement in the links above.

3.  Trip to Baltimore

Check out how we spent our Labor Day weekend in the famously blue collar town on the Chesapeake, known as Charm City, in the pics below.


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