Marley’s Passion for “The Puppy Place”


While perusing the rows and rows of children’s book titles during the annual spring book fair at school this year, Marley stumbled upon a cute little book that would quickly ignite a fabulous reading frenzy – one any parent would be proud of.

The cover featured a dog named Stella. Marley promptly devoured the book in little over a day, and hungered for more!

Stella, is one in a series of chapter books entitled The Puppy Place, written by prolific author Ellen Miles. Once Marley discovered that more of these books were available at the library, she began grabbing as many as she could each week.

In the beginning she’d attempt to check out so many, that I had to limit her to five books at a time.  Of the (at least) 38 books currently available in the set, Marley has read 20 of them so far.  Sometimes completing up to three in one week!

On our spring break trip to the Outerbanks in April, Marley asked if she could bring all five of the books she had checked out from the library, assuring me that she’d read them.  I suggested that she only bring two – I figured that she wouldn’t be able to read them all while we where on vacation at the beach. I found out later that she had smuggled all five of her books anyway.

And in ONE week, she succeeded in reading them all!

“See daddy, I told you I could read them all, and you said I wouldn’t.  I was right and you were wrong,” she triumphantly announced.

I gave her a huge hug and big high five, admitting that I had underestimated her will to read!

Can I really be upset with a child who sneaks books to the beach?

Journey with her library selections.
Journey with her library selections.

Delaney prefers the real deal. Seen here with a neighbors dog.
Delaney prefers the real deal. Seen here with a neighbors dog.

Even Journey has been bitten by the doggie book bug, stating recently that, “I only want doggie books Dada!” Delaney, on the other hand, though she loves to read, prefers the real thing.

Marley’s reading is so remarkable that I sat down with her to ask about her love for this series.

Me – So how’s it going Marley?

Marley – Umm good! Can I go now?

Me – Not yet Marley, I want to ask you some questions about The Puppy Place.

Marley – Ooooh booooy, seriously Dada?

Me – Seriously Marley.  So how many Puppy Place books have you read?

Marley – Oh, I don’t know, I’ll have to make a list.

So she took out a sheet of paper and wrote down a complete list of the books she’s read on one side, and the ones she hasn’t on the other.

Marley – 20 read, 18 unread.

Me – Why do you like Puppy Place so much?

Marley – Cause its about puppies and I love puppies!

Me – Which one of these books is your favorite?

Marley – Mocha!

Me – Why is Mocha your favorite?

Marley – Cause Mocha is a cute little puppy and she’s adventurous.

Me – If you had to pick just one of the puppies in the book series to have as a pet, which would it be?

Marley – Hmmm, let me see…I think it would be Bella.  Yeah Bella!

Me – Why?

Marley – Cause she’s a new born puppy and I think it would be exciting to raise a new born puppy from birth.

Me – Are these your most favorite books ever?

Marley – Yes, these are my most favorite chapter books I’ve ever read.

Me – Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Marley – Ummm, no, I think that’s it.

Me – Ok, thank you Marley for this exclusive interview.

Marley – You’re welcome…Wooo, BYE!!

I’m thrilled that she’s found books that she enjoys this much.  My hope is that her love of reading is something that she’ll carry with her…Fur-ever!


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