And We’re Up and At ‘Em


One thing for sure, and two things for certain (as Marc’s family likes to say), life keep’s moving.  It’s unbelievable how fast this summer has rolled by!

Let’s see, the last day of school here in Charlottesville for the kiddos was June 12, and they are set to return back to school August 20th; just slightly over 2 months.  I remember the days when we got out before Memorial Day, and we went back the week before Labor Day….a full 3 months of summer fun.

Albeit, the fastest summer that I can ever remember, it has definitely been the most enjoyable, fruitful, and adventurous summer that I can recall, and this here new blog is evidence of the new fruit of which I speak.

Marc and I have decided to create this new blog to capture some of our family moments; thoughts of what inspire us, ideas that we find that work for us and also those that don’t in cultivating our family unit, and simply to just express our creativity as writers, artists, and life enthusiasts.   It’s also nice to have a platform to convey the love and beauty of how we see the world through our eyes.

As ‘the dog days of summer’ near the end – which happens to be my favorite season, I can joyfully reflect on the happiness that I feel deep in my soul, and ready to faithfully continue moving on to what is next.

We’re up an at ’em.

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