Fun At The Farmstead


The afternoon sun was beating down heavily on top of my freshly shaved, uncovered dome.

The decision to leave my hat in the car was a bad move, I thought, as prickly beads of sweat begin to slowly creep down the back of my neck.  And there was not a tree in sight large enough to shield this weary body of mine.  Yet the constant happy chatter and the sound of spontaneous laughter indicated that my kids were somehow immune to this fiery inferno.

We were back in the Kansas City area recently for my brothers wedding, so we found ourselves at one of our kids’ favorite destinations – Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.










Deanna Rose is a charming petting zoo in Overland Park, KS that’s set up to feel like a family farm.  According to their website, it is a 12-acre “children’s farmstead” where little ones can bottle feed goats, milk cows, take horsey rides, and take a ride on a horse drawn wagon.  Plus, it’s FREE during the week!



Of course we did all of these things and more.  And after I retrieved my hat from the car, we strolled down to the pond to try our hand at fishing with an old school cane pole.  There were plenty of fish swimming around because we could see them, but unfortunately for us, we couldn’t seem to snag not a one!  Either they didn’t like the worms we were using for bait, or we really need to brush up on our fishing skills, but one things for certain, they were not fooling with us!

The girls where mighty disappointed, especially since there were other kids around who were actually catching fish and shouting with glee each time they pulled one flapping outta the water.  I think it was just my imagination, or maybe my ego was getting the better of me at this point, but it seemed like one little boy actually looked at me as if to say “Na-nana-naa-nah!”

“Oh no he didn’t,” I thought! Oh, he’s lucky I didn’t just reach out and snatch his pole – but I didn’t wanna start nothing up in the family farmstead.

One little girl was catching so many that we tried to ease on down to her spot hoping that some of her magic would rub off onto us! This tactic proved to be ineffective as she STILL caught two more while we stood right there next to her!  There we where, on the soggy bank of the pond, looking dazed and confused with no fish, just a big ol’ useless slimy bucket of worms.  This was around the time that the girls conveniently began to complain about being bored, so we decided it was a good time to hang up our pole.











Aside from the heat, and being bested by those wily fish, we had a blast as usual.  It’s times like these that remind us how much fun it can be when we place our focus on creating joyful experiences for ourselves vs. concentrating on buying too much stuff, in an effort to find fulfillment.  Simply enjoying time together as a family was the order of the day.

Mission accomplished!


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You’re a natural writer. And by the way, as I’ve said before, the girls will have many memories to chat about when they get older.

Thanks so much for your feedback. We did have a blast out there that day. It’s all about creating memories!

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